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India Harangal

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Suitable for espresso
Brand: Dos Mundos
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Detailed information

Product detailed description

India Harangal

Taste profile: marzipan, tamarind, dark chocolate, dried apple

Region: Coorg

Farm: Harangal

Farmer: Petu Kariappa

Variety: 100% arabica SLNB

Process: washed

Altitude: 1 300 masl


Petu Kariappa is a second-generation coffee farmer who runs Harangal Farm, in the pristine forested hills of the Coorg region of India. After returning home from college, Petu decided to continue the family tradition of growing coffee. From his father and extended family, he gleaned information related to agriculture and coffee growing. The farm grows 60% Arabica and 40% Robusta.

 IndieHarangal_M C Kariappa - Owner of Harangal Farm_s_c

The Coorg coffee growing region is part of the Western Ghats. The Western Ghats of India is one of the eight 'hottest' biodiversity spots in the world and is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This mountain range runs along the west coast of peninsular India and shapes the rainfall and temperature patterns of much of southern India. Many rivers of South India originate in these mountains. The farm's coffee is shade grown with a high density and diversity of native tree species that support life for a wide variety of birds, butterflies and mammals.

IndieHarangal_Hand picking harvest_s_c

Our new coffee from India is intended for the preparation of sweet espresso, in which you will smell the aroma of marzipan, complemented by the taste of tamarind, dried apple and dark chocolate.

terč Indie Harangal AJ


Recommended espresso preparation 

20,5 g

coffee amount

42 g

final amount

28 s

extraction time


Additional parameters

Category: Coffee
Type of preparation: Espresso
Taste preference: Full-bodied coffee
Země původu: Indie
záloha: 1725/251:3;1725/1:1