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About us

Who we are

It all started when Lukas, our head-roaster, went to China. There, he got some extraordinary inspiration in (what we might call) a Chinese copy of Starbucks. But it wasn't about a lot of whipped cream, but about filter coffee in many ways. More than 10 years have passed since then. A lot has happened in that time. One of the most significant was that he met Adela. They both had a passion for gastronomy, and from that passion, the coffee roastery gradually evolved.

Now we have about 20 other young people who help us turn ordinary experiences into extraordinary ones. We are constantly trying to improve, we travel the world for inspiration, we try out many new things in coffee preparation, we follow eminent personalities, we compete, we prepare new products for our customers. And we really enjoy it.

Our goal is to offer really great coffee. Our philosophy is to make our coffee perfect for the final consumer. That's why we train baristas not only in our own company, but also in all the coffee places where we distribute our coffee beans. We are not a large roastery and our capacity is limited, so we have no need to sell our coffee to just anyone. We work with people who have the drive, passion, desire and energy to take our coffee selection one step further.


Where did we get the coffee?

We regularly sample coffees from the best regions around the world. From the volcanoes of Guatemala in Central America, to the mountains of Ethiopia and the islands of Indonesia, we offer coffees from all over the world.

We focus on coffees from specific farmers and select their best harvests. We are proud of some of our repeated and deeper collaborations with farmers. For example, we take coffee from Arnaud Causse in Ecuador every year. In addition, we are only one link away from the farmer, who personally flies to the farms and oversees not only the quality of the coffee and its processing, but also the fair remuneration of the farmers and the quality of their living conditions, as these places are often in developing countries.

We try to visit farmers regularly ourselves. The most travelled coffee adventurer is Lukas, who has already visited farms in Ecuador, Colombia, Guatemala or Honduras. From each trip he has not only taken away many experiences and new friendships, but also discovered many coffees that later became part of our offer.

Our headroaster Lukas and Colombian farmer Benedicto Puentes on his farm Palma Roja


 Where you can visit us

In 2014, we established a roastery right in the heart of Prague on Korunní Street. The space is dominated by the Giesen W6 roaster machine. In addition to selling freshly roasted coffee beans or accessories for their preparation, customers can taste two coffees on the grinder, several types of filters or other coffee specialties. A variety of coffees from our current range are rotated on the grinder and batch brew, and if you are unsure of your choice, our baristas are always happy to advise you. This is also where most of our coffee courses and trainings take place.

At the end of 2016, we added a branch of Dos Mundos Café on Letná, Milady Horákové Street to our "coffee family". The café boasts a bright interior with wood elements and distinctive graphic on the wall behind the main bar. The project was designed by the architectural studio arch+ and at the end of March 2017, our establishment came in a split 2nd-3rd place in the Interior of the Year competition in the Public Space category.

At Dos Mundos Café, you can also choose from two different coffees for espresso and several other filter coffees, along with a treat from our sweet (or savoury) selection. And if you're not in the mood for coffee, you'll find a variety of lemonades, great teas or even a glass of fine wine.

In 2020, we moved our production to new premises in Prague 10, where we now roast on a Giesen W30 roaster machine. Not only the production and dispatch takes place here, but also regular quality control and selection of new coffees for our offer.