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Wholesale Cooperation

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Do you want to be our wholesale partner?

Every business has a unique atmosphere and vision, and we approach it the same way. Whether you run a cafe, bistro, restaurant or hotel, together we can find the right way to prepare the best coffee both for you and your customers.
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Wholesale cooperation with Dos Mundos Roastery provides...

  • Quality and freshly roasted coffee
  • Roast consistency
  • Wholesale discounts
  • Technology and baristic equipment
  • Consultation and advice on opening a new business
  • Regular quality control
  • Delivery abroad*

Don't worry about delivery. We ship our coffee all over Europe and beyond!

Examples of international shipping prices:   

Belgium - from 14,50 € per package  

Germany - from 8,30 € per package  

Hungary - from 6,25 € per package  

Poland - from 6,25 € per package  

Romania - from 6,25 € per package  

Slovakia - from 6,25 € per package  

and many other European countries - feel free to ask  

Rest of world - USA, Turkey, Israel etc. (pricing individually) 

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Contact us

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Zuzana Reingraberová Wholesale Manager
Velkoobchod EN
Velkoobchod EN
Phone +420 737 052 079