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Kinto To Go Tumbler 360 ml with plug

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Brand: Kinto
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The Kinto To Go Tumbler mug with a lid is ideal for your travels anywhere and anytime, the mug has a volume of 360 ml.

The mug comes with a lid to prevent the contents of the mug from spilling on the go. The twist cap is easy to open and close for easy drinking.

Take it with you to the cafe, where they will prepare your favorite coffee for you.

The lid is minimally structured for comfortable drinking. The vacuum-insulated mug maintains the temperature and taste of drinks for a long time, and the tapered shape makes it easy to carry. Clean design with matte texture and calm colors brings relaxation to your life on the go.

The thermal mug will keep the temperature of a hot drink for one hour, a cold drink for about two hours.

For maximum insulation effectiveness, pre-heat or pre-cool the thermos by filling it with a little hot/cold water for 1-2 minutes before use.

Need something smaller? Check out our smaller Kinto To Go mug, with a volume of 240 ml.


Dimensions: diameter 87 mm, height 130 mm, content 360 ml.

Material: stainless steel, copolyester and silicone (BPA free) - materials are selected to withstand long-term use.


Kinto - a Japanese company that combines practicality with aesthetics in its products.