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Reclamation Procedure

If you have a reason to complain, do not hesitate to contact us. We will try to handle the complaint to your full satisfaction. The complaint procedure will take place in accordance with the valid legal order of the Czech Republic and in accordance with the Seller's Complaints Procedure. The buyer is advised to inspect the goods immediately after receipt in order to identify any defects or damage.

The buyer is obliged to get acquainted with the Complaints Procedure and Business Conditions before ordering the goods. By taking over the goods from the seller, the buyer agrees with the Complaints Procedure below.

As proof of warranty, the Dos Mundos s.r.o. accounting document for each purchased goods - an invoice with all the requisites of an accounting document and other necessary data for the application of the guarantee (name of goods, date, price, quantity, order number).

In accordance with § 53 of the Civil Code. No. 40/1964 Coll. the buyer has the right to withdraw from the contract without giving a reason within 14 days of receipt. Due to the nature of the goods offered on the e-shop, this option applies to coffee only if the package is returned to the seller undamaged, so it is guaranteed that the contents of the package could not come into contact with the air.

Returned goods

By law, you have the option to return the goods within 14 days of purchase without giving reasons. The goods must be in the original packaging and undamaged.

Warranty period

The warranty period begins on the day of receipt of the goods by the buyer. The statutory warranty period is 24 months. Due to the nature of the goods offered on the e-shop, this period applies to all goods with the exception of roasted coffee, the shelf life of which is always marked on the packaging.

How to proceed with a complaint

If there is a reason for a complaint, inform us by email (, by phone (+420 739 253 305) or in writing (Dos Mundos, Žerotínova 1663/59, Prague 3, 130 00).
Make sure that the goods are still within the statutory warranty period, ie the period of 24 months from receipt of the goods has not expired, in the case of roasted coffee the shelf life marked on the packaging has not expired.
You can either return the claimed goods to us personally to the address: Dos Mundos, Korunní 31, Prague 2, 12000, or to Zásilkovna ZAOS, Na Hroudě 24, 100 00 Praha 10. Warning - do not send the shipment by cash on delivery. Goods sent by cash on delivery will not be accepted.
Attach a letter to the claimed goods with your contact details and a description of the defect that is the cause of the claim and a copy of the purchase document.
In order for a complaint to be recognized as valid, the following conditions must be met:
The goods are returned complete, in their original condition.
The goods are not intentionally damaged.
The warranty does not cover defects caused by:
normal use of the product,
incorrect use of the product,
improper storage,
due to natural elements or force majeure.


Complaints about a damaged package:

Check the shipment upon receipt, if it is damaged, take it over.
You can pick up a shipment with a damaged package from the driver, but you must enter the damage information into the driver's scanner (subject to reservation).
If you have taken over a consignment whose contents are damaged and the packaging did not show any signs of damage upon receipt, it is necessary to report the complaint to the email, within 4 calendar days from the delivery of the consignment. You will need photos of the shipment, contents, filling and packaging, including all labels that are on the shipment, and enclose a sales invoice.
Complaints are always resolved with couriers as the ordering party. The consignee of the consignment lodges his complaint with the consignor of the consignment.
Deadline for handling complaints

Pursuant to Act No. 634/1992 Coll., On consumer protection, the seller is obliged to handle complaints without undue delay, no later than 30 days from the date of the complaint. If the seller fails to meet this deadline, the buyer has the same rights as if it were a defect that cannot be removed.

Conflict with the purchase agreement

In the event that the item is not in accordance with the purchase contract upon acceptance by the buyer (hereinafter "conflict with the purchase contract"), the buyer has the right to sell the item free of charge and without undue delay to the condition corresponding to the purchase contract, as required. the buyer either by replacing the item or by repairing it; if such a procedure is not possible, the buyer may request a reasonable discount on the price of the item or withdraw from the contract. This does not apply if the buyer knew about the conflict with the purchase contract before taking over the thing or caused the conflict with the purchase contract himself.

A discrepancy with the purchase contract, which manifests itself within six months from the date of taking over the thing, is considered to be a conflict already existing at the time of taking over, unless it contradicts the nature of the thing or unless proven otherwise.

In the event of a conflict with the purchase agreement, proceed in the same way as in the case of a complaint.

How are we going to proceed

We will assess the goods claimed by you and we will immediately inform you about the next steps to the e-mail address or telephone number you entered.
Depending on the nature of the defect, we will replace or repair the goods.
If you are not interested in replacement or repair, we will refund the price of the claimed goods. Notice - postage is not the subject of a complaint and the amount spent for it is non-refundable.
In the case of payment of the amount for the claimed goods, you will first be sent a credit note to sign with a request to send / deliver back. As soon as we receive your signed credit note, we will pay you the amount for the returned goods to the bank account you specified.