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Cooperation with Zrno Zrnko

Dos Mundos & Zrno Zrnko Cooperation

How it all started

The cooperation with the Zrno Zrnko bakery chain started at the beginning of 2021. At that time, plans were being made to open the first branches and the owners Ondřej Kuchař and Jakub Štefeček and their team were looking for a suitable supplier of coffee and technology for its preparation. After establishing contact and through a series of many emails, phone calls, meetings and of course cuppings, we worked together to create the specific idea of their own coffee blend, coffee machines and grinders for each coffee place and the actual offer for customers.

A few weeks before the opening of the first branch, the selected coffee beans had arrived at the roastery, which we then roasted and blended in several variations. During the final tasting, where we prepared the blends as espresso and their milk variants, the Zrno Zrnko team chose the ideal and final combination. Then all we had to do was design the labels for their own bags and Blend No.1 could see the light of day.

In the last (but no less important) stage of preparation, the staff was trained by our experienced baristas. During this training, they not only got to know the selected coffee blend in detail, but also learned how to work on professional technologies, which they also use at the branches themselves.

In September 2021, Prague's Nusle area was bursting with fresh pastries and coffee and the first and flagship bakery café in Čestmírova Street officially opened. Within a few weeks, it was followed by branches on Senovážné náměstí, Brumlovka and Holešovice. Since then, two more establishments have been added - on Tylovo náměstí and directly on Dejvická Street. 

However, their journey is far from over. This autumn Zrno Zrnko celebrates its second birthday and plans for the future are big. Not only about them, but also about the cooperation with our roastery and the ideal combinations of pastries and coffee, we talked more closely with one of the owners, Ondřej Kuchař.

Ondřej Kuchař, co-owner and founder of Zrno Zrnko bakery

What do you appreciate most about this collaboration?

What I appreciate most about working with Dos Mundos is that they understand our concept, they understand our business quite well and they understand that we are not here for you, but you are here for us. Dos Mundos is our supplier, so we are the ones with the vision and we should say what coffee we want. Sometimes it can be different. I have experienced with some other roasteries that they told us "this is how you should do it". But we know how we want to do it. Dos Mundos hears this and does it with us. So it's kind of a cooperative collaboration and I think it works well.

Which coffee and pastry do you think go best together?

I think the best combination in terms of coffee is a croissant or croissant dough, which are croissants, pain au chocolat, or the crafin which is such a French classic to have the croissant and simply some milky coffee with it. However, for example, Moravian kolac or Czech kolac with espresso, on the contrary, where you already have the milk in the cottage cheese, that is also a perfect combination.

My favorite duo in winter is pain au chocolat and espresso and in summer cold brew and a croissant or something lighter.

What is your biggest bestseller from sweet stuff and bread?

The biggest seller of baked goods is the Moravian kolac, which is a kolac with cottage cheese inside and some fruit on top. Then croissants and pain au chocolat. It varies depending on the location of our bakery, because where there are more foreigners there are more croissants because it is international and they know it. Where Czechs go, there are more kolaces. Of the bread, by far the most sold are "Ctyrka" ("Four"), which is our signature bread. It is simple in its composition, but very complicated in its preparation. It is made for 24 hours from wheat yeast, and it contains four types of flour, which is why it is called "four". But at the same time, since there are no spices or seeds, it goes well with everything.

Zrno Zrnko Bakery



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