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BWT BestMax water filter cartridge

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Brand: BWT
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Detailed information

Product detailed description

BWT filters are the best in their field and also focus on optimizing their filters for selected coffee.

The BestMax series is designed for coffee machines, so as to ensure trouble-free operation of coffee machines and the taste of coffee was as sweet as possible.

This is a relatively suitable method of filtration in most operations in the Czech Republic.

We will arrange the installation.

-Intended for selected coffee
-Reduces water hardness
-5 phase filtration
-Optimizes minerals in water
-Head size according to abrasion
-Easy filter replacement

Sizes (capacity approximately): M (4560 l); L (6240 L); XL (8160 l)

Components (price without VAT):

-Connecting head (1 199CZK)

-Small installation material (300-500 CZK)

-Filtered water tap (optional) (950 CZK)