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Colombia Marisol Ñañéz

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Suitable for filter preparation
Brand: Dos Mundos
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Product detailed description

Colombia Marisol Ñañez


Taste profile: candied grapefruit, peach, Brazil nut, apple pie

Region: Huila

Farm: La Correa

Farmer: Marisol Ñañez

Variety: 100% arabica pink bourbon

Process: washed

Altitude: 1 750 masl


The farm La Correa was founded on a small plot of land in the department of Huila by the father of farmer Marisol Nañez. Today, the 11 ha farm, of which 2 ha is a nature reserve, mainly grows caturra and (pink) bourbon varieties.


Marisol is not only a farmer, but above all a young entrepreneur. She founded her own brand, Mara Café, collects awards for her contribution to the community and, in particular, motivates women around her to not be afraid to start their own projects. She also participated in the Campamento de Mujeres Cafeteras pilot project, which focuses on supporting women farmers in the Huila coffee region. The project together with Chicas Industry, our coffee supplier, helps women succeed in this almost exclusively male industry. Female farmers are educated both in the process of growing and processing coffee, as well as in administrative, legal and tax issues. In Colombia, the vast majority of coffee farms are owned by men, and this is a huge challenge for the women involved in the project.


Marisol focuses on extended fermentation processes and is always looking for a "recipe" that suits each of the coffees best. So let's taste the coffee from a young proactive farmer who tries to succeed in the male coffee world with her passion and hard work.






Recommended for V60 preparation 

18 g

coffee amount

300 ml

water amount

3:00 min

extraction time


Additional parameters

Category: Coffee
Type of preparation: Filters
Taste preference: Fruity coffee
Země původu: Kolumbie
záloha: 1767/251:3;1767/1:1