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Colombia Finca Mahusa

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Suitable for espresso
Brand: Dos Mundos
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Product detailed description

    Colombia Finca Mahusa

Taste profile: elderberry, cherry, cocoa, candied orange

Region: Tolima

Farm: Finca Mahusa

Processing center:  Incorporate Colombian Coffee

Variety: 100% arabica

Process: natural 

Altitude: 1 700 - 1 900 masl



Based in the Colombian department of Quindío, Incorporate Colombian Coffee was born out of a passion for coffee that has been passed down through generations in the family. This company operates as a multi-farm processing center that brings together coffee growers from all over the country. Every day, high quality coffee cherries arrive at the center both from our own farms and from various growers in Colombia.

An important element is the collaboration between Incorporate and growers who often need help with a lack of resources or knowledge to take their coffee to the next level. Traceability and honesty are key to this collaboration, and it is precisely these values that the company tries to transfer to the final product. The beans are packed with pride and carry the manufacturer's name and the Incorporate Colombian Coffee brand, ensuring quality and trust to customers around the world.
Incorporate's mission is to involve coffee growers in its project and bring high-quality Colombian coffee to the world that will benefit all stakeholders. This coffee offers not only a great taste, but also the story of the family, the passion of the growers and the company's commitment to quality. In each cup of Colombian coffee from Incorporate, customers find a connection with culture, tradition and care for the environment.

Thanks to the optimal altitude and the unique soil on which the coffee is grown, the farms associated with Incorporate have special advantages. Coffee from these farms is more intense, with a longer and fuller finish and often with a fruity and juicy profile. The farms are located in a mountainous area with good shade, which is ideal for growing coffee, and they pay attention to environmental sustainability and the protection of water resources.

Introducing our new Colombian coffee, which brings a rich palette of flavors of sour cherry, candied orange, elderberry and cocoa. It is a great choice for espresso lovers who are eager to discover new and interesting taste experiences.



Recommended espresso preparation

20,5 g

coffee amount

42 g

final volume

27 s

extraction time

Additional parameters

Category: Coffee
Type of preparation: Espresso
Taste preference: Full-bodied coffee
Země původu: Kolumbie
záloha: 1800/251:3;1800/2:1