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Colombia Benedicto Puentes

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Suitable for filter preparation
Brand: Dos Mundos
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Product detailed description

Colombia Benedicto Puentes

Taste profile: ripe persimmon, cherry blossom, dates, dried raspberries

Region: Tolima, Ibagué, China Alta

Farm: Palma Roja

Farmer: Benedicto Puentes González

Variety: 100% arabica castillo colombia

Process: washed with extended fermentation

Altitude: 1 760 masl


Benedicto Puentes is a passionate farmer from the Tolima region, known for his experiments with coffee at the Palma Roja farm. Together with his wife Helena Oliviero, they not only improve the coffee growing and processing processes on the family farm, but also help local farmers to receive a fair reward for their coffee. Benedicto is known for his determination and effort to take local coffee production to a higher level.


The Palma Roja farm, owned by the Benedict family, was established in 1995. The coffee trees on this farm grow without shading, which is made possible by the ideal microclimate in the area. Benedicto and Helena focus on long fermentation and precise processing, which leads to an increase in the quality of their coffee.



Benedicto prefers a washed processing method and experiments with long fermentations to achieve the excellent taste quality of his coffees. His careful monitoring of the fermentation and drying processes contributes to significant improvement every year. The coffee we offer is a blend of Castillo and Colombia varieties, processed using the washed method with double fermentation. The cherries have been fermented for up to 100 hours, which gives the coffee its richness and unique taste.

Coffee from Colombia is like a delicate symphony of flavors. Ripe persimmon adds sweetness, cherry blossom brings freshness and dates accentuate the rich caramel note. Dried raspberries bring a delicate acidity to this coffee, which enriches the taste experience and gives it depth.

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Recommended filter preparation 

18 g

coffee amount

300 ml

water amount


extraction time


Additional parameters

Category: Coffee
Type of preparation: Filters
Taste preference: Fruity coffee
Země původu: Kolumbie
záloha: 1764/251:3;1764/1:1