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Aurelia Wave

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Aurelia Wave - T3

Traditional coffee machine with innovative T3 technology; LCD graphic touch screen; LCD displays on each coffee machine head showing the extraction time; Independent temperature programming for each coffee machine head; Insulated boilers; SIS Brewing System; Milk LED steam nozzle lighting; Adjustable ("V" version) or manual (S "version) dosing; 2x Cool touch stainless steel steam nozzle; 1x hot water nozzle and economizer; Three programmable hot water dosing buttons; External pump pressure control; USB slot; Filter levers with Nano-Tech modification, PULSE JET technology, LED lighting, programmable electric cup heating (optional), management system for remote access to the coffee machine (optional).

2 Gr: Pulse jet technology; Steam boiler: Lt. 14; Power consumption: 6400W; Voltage: 380V; 50 / 60Hz; Dimensions (WxDxH): 802x605x537 mm; Weight: 80/86 KG

3 Gr: Pulse jet technology; Steam boiler: Lt. 17; Power consumption: 8000W; Voltage: 380V; 50 / 60Hz; Dimensions (WxDxH): 1032x605x537 mm; Weight: 95/105 KG


Aurelia Wave - V / DIGIT

Traditional coffee maker; LED backlight and LED for steam nozzles (optional); Adjustable doses (“V” and “Digit” versions) or manual (“S” versions); 2 stainless steel steam nozzles; Easy Cream system (optional); 1 hot water nozzle with economizer; Electric cup warmer (optional); Raised coffee machine heads (optional); Automatic cleaning cycle (“Digit” and “V” versions); USB slot (vers. ”V”, “Digit”); TFT (version “V”); Extraction time display (“Digit” version); Espresso management system / Remote access (optional for “Digit” version); 3 adjustable hot water buttons; Adjustable temperatures for hot water (optional for the “Digit” version); Automatic shower rinses (optional for “Digit” version); Water quality measurement system (optional for “Digit” version);

2 Gr: Boiler: Lt. 14; Power consumption: 4600W; Voltage: 230 / 380V; Frequency: 50 / 60Hz; Dimensions (WxDxH): 802x605x537mm; Weight: 78/84 KG

3 Gr: Boiler: Lt. 17; Power consumption: 5200W; Voltage: 230 / 380V; Frequency: 50 / 60Hz; Dimensions (WxDxH): 1032x605x537mm; Weight: 95/105 KG;

Standard colors: white, black, red

Possibility of adding the Easy Cream system for easy whipping of milk for an additional CZK 15,500 for both parties.


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